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Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron Fencing & Gates Perth

Add value to your property with strong, secure and durable wrought iron fencing and gates. Wrought iron is a solid steel usually mild steel bar work, flat bar rails and decorative components.

wrought iron fencing

Wrought Iron Fencing Manufacture & Installation

Because wrought iron is solid it is much more workable and can be moulded, bent, hammered and welded more than any other fence, panel and gate material. This means you will have a more secure, durable and attractive product that will add prestige and value to your property.

Traditional methods of making wrought iron using hammers and bellows are a dying art and not one practised widely in Australia. Here at Auswest Fencing we are wrought iron experts and it is one of our core specialties.

Coatings on wrought iron typically start with cleaning, hot dip galvanising, deburring, priming, then powdercoating. You can choose a variety of finishes to enhance the wrought iron look when coloured. Black is the most popular colour because it is neutral and will blend with most environments. This is significant when considering the longevity of the material and the resale value of your property.

If you are looking to assemble materials to make your own project, ask us for components and loose steel.

For a quote on any wrought iron fencing, panel or gate, please feel free to call us on 08 9258 6822 for a quick budget and ideas. Or submit a quote request online with your photos and ideas for us to help move your thoughts along.

See below for some examples of our Wrought Iron Fencing & Gates

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