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Colorbond Chart – BHP Colorbond Colours

Colorbond gates and sheeting use an application called colorbond, a baked colour finish. The same application is used by all of the colorbond sheeting products that we know of on the market. There are a variety of colours available and these typically align with gutters, down pipes, metal sheds and window trims.

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Powder Coating Options for Steel and Aluminium

Tubular steel, aluminium and wrought iron finishes use a spray on oven bake powder typically called powdercoating. Depending on the environment, type of metal used and the longevity you require, zinc coating, electroplating, hot dip galvanising, priming and powdercoating are all choices available for application onto metal. The more processes your metal requires, the more time it will take to prepare your job properly, as each step requires us to monitor and clean the metal to prepare it for the next step.

Finishes are typically flat and smooth and align to the BHP colour range for fencing. Variations include texture and ripple finishes above standard pricing.

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Maintenance of Powder Coated Materials

Just like you maintain your car by washing it regularly, you should do the same for your powdercoated materials. This will help remove dust, debris and dirt from eating into the coloured surface and extend the product’s life.

Maintenance is particularly significant for welded products where the surface of the raw material is welded off during fabrication.

Note that powdercoating or colour coating is permeable or porous, this means it will absorb moisture. Powdercoating is simply a colour and does not have water or mineral repellant properties.

The cleaning and priming coat applied directly to your material is critical and will directly affect the look and life of your material. There are various grades of priming to suit your material, budget, life expectancy and to suit use of the product.

Your proximity to coastal conditions and heavily mineralised water such as bore reticulated areas, will affect the condition of the powdercoating in a short time.

Washing your fence with non salty water and mild soap and sponge will remove the minerals from the powdercoating before they can permeate through to the material below. A standard colour coating of a single layer powdercoat colour finish will have a standard life when exposed to 100% weather. The top coating you may consider can be any of a number of methods including epoxy prime, zinc coating or plating, or hot dip galvanising (often called hot dipping). These are under-coats that layer your material and protect it before the colour coating is applied.

Aluminium products such as slats and ali gate framework are generally 100% non corrosive and therefore do not need the extra protection that steel requires when it undergoes welding and fabrication. Aluminium will be etch primed or cleaned and then single colour coated as a standard finish.

Dressed Pine Timber Picket Fence In Willetton

Timber Panels & Gate Treatment Perth

Timber Treatments

For timber of any quality you will need to re-apply the coating after several years. Especially so if you choose a stain or varnish and the timber is subject to water and sun. Good quality paints that cover the timber completely, will extend the life of the timber beyond that of a clear coat, but will cover the timber grain you may want to retain. Jarrah and pine are typical strong grain timbers that look superb with a Sikkens clear finish.

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Wood Grain Aluminium Slat Finishes

There are the 4 different aluminium slat finishes available:

Light Oak- the top slat in the photo (typical 65mm slat)

Jarrah- second from top in photo (100mm slat)

Bush Cherry (38mm slat)

Western Red Cedar- the bottom slat in the photo (typical 65mm slat)

Slat sizes available: 38mmx16mm / 65mmx16mm / 100mmx16mm

Auswest Wooden Slats

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