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Fence & Gate Hardware

Fence & Gate Hardware

Here at Auswest Fencing we are stockists and distributors of all well known, reputable gate and fence hardware brands.

All our stock is safe, solid, weatherproof and durable. It has been tested in our workshop and on site over the past four decades we have been in business.ย  All stock meets Australian Standards.

Key Locking Gate Latch โ€“ Comunello Keylock

Gate Handles

Gate Latches

Gate Pins

Gate Hinges

Pool Gate Latches

Sliding Gate Hardware

Wrought Iron Gate Parts

Located at Unit 6, 39-41 William Street, Beckenham WA 6107

Family Business With Integrity

Auswest Fencing is a fourth-generation family business with integrity. We are hardworking, honest and believe in old fashioned good service.

Highest Quality Products

We only manufacture our products to the highest Australian industry standards and back our products with our 40+ year reputation.

Highly Experienced Professionals

The Auswest Fencing team know their stuff! With over 40 years of industry experience there are few in the industry who know this craft better than us.

Sustainability Focused

We take a sustainability approach to our work and create projects that will endure over time.