Custom fabrication of timber and metal fencing, gates and wrought iron


About Auswest Fencing & Wrought Iron

When it comes to any custom front Fencing – Think Auswest Fencing. We have lived and breathed the fencing industry for over 40 years!

Auswest Fencing is a family business with integrity. We work to Australian Industry Standards, Australian Law and to the standards of our fourth generation Western Australian family’s skills and knowledge.

  • We are a hard working, old fashioned and honest family and we love what we do.
  • We stand behind what we sell: We will be here when you come back.
  • We build things to last, take care in getting it right and we build them for you to take pride in years later.
  • Real people answer the phone (likely one of the family) and our on hold music won’t put you to sleep.
  • We choose to work with others who share the values of honesty and integrity.
  • We will build your project and ship anywhere in Australia.

We share four generations of experience in the building industry generously (Rose Maree is the youngest on our team, you will hear her on the phone sometimes, but sometimes she is absent because of school commitments)

We are here to help you however we can.

Wrought Iron Fence Perth Installation
Auswest Fencing Perth
Wrought Iron Fence Perth
Wrought Iron Fence Perth Workshop

The “Auswest Fencing” Story: The Family Experience

A Genuine Family Business that has Stood The Test Of Time.

The Tanner Family have been in building and construction since Grandfather Thomas Frank Stiles set up his carpentry and timber business in the 1940’s in East Victoria Park. The entire family has served lifelong apprenticeships in the industry and has a lot of knowledge to share. Family sized projects suit us best, so you can get the best service.

The family tree goes like this:

  1. Thomas Frank Stiles 1940’s.
  2. Rod and Susanne Tanner (Frank being Susanne’s Dad) 1970’s.
  3. Penny and Rose. The grand children and great grand children (2000’s). Rose is sometimes absent with school commitments whilst serving her apprenticeship in the business.

Driven By Market Demand, Innovation & Sustainability

Our strong family commitment drives change, durability and longevity. In the current market of internet empowerment and busy lifestyles, we cater to you with practical, strong, convenient options to enclose, protect and decorate your home and business. “Think Anything Custom Fencing and Gates, Think Auswest Fencing”  is our catch cry.

We use family and local labour to help sustain our economy, we support other family businesses whose work ethic is the same as ours. We use and actively seek out products that support sustainability and the Australian economy. This allows our customers to make good choices and comparisons in a sustainable and effective way.

We have worked with a range of businesses in projects across government, industrial, commercial and residential applications, from enclosing your front entry with secure panelling and gates, to automating your front gate, to making your front steps safer to navigate with a decorative handrail.

Four generations is a long time in any business and we are very proud that our family is still going strong together after all that time.

Ask us how we can help you or your customers. We are here to help.

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