Laser Cut and Perforated Screens & Gates

Laser Cut Perforated Screens, Gates & Fences Perth

Laser cut / perforated screen and gates add contemporary appeal to your property. Apart from the unique aesthetic, improving visibility and maintaining strength are the primary benefits to choosing a laser cut fence or gate option.

Laser cut Fences and screens perth

Perth Perforated Fencing Manufacture & Installation

Looking at a strong attractive privacy screen that will allow airflow, privacy and security? Perforated and laser cut aluminium and steel are great options where you have limited space or want a unique alternative to standard fencing and gates. Sheeting can be powder coated any colour and is available and custom manufactured in a range of custom laser cut designs and perforated or punched patterns in steel and aluminium.

Aluminium is a preferred material when cut due to corrosion resistance.

Repeating or cluster type patterns and designs are typically cheaper than laser cutting, as they are punched, rather than designed and mocked up for laser cutting. Popular punched or perforated patterns are round holes or clusters of repeating shapes. These can vary by size of the hole and spacing over the sheet, in a uniform repeating pattern. This will vary your budget, privacy and airflow.

Screens can be fixed with lip or fold and attached to existing walls or pillars, clad to a custom framework or fixed to the face of posts that are freestanding and cemented into the ground. They can also be applied to the face of existing walls to enhance the look of the wall.

If you have a specific design you would like us to quote, we can work with you to draw a budget specific to your project. Feel free to call us on 08 9258 6822 or submit a quote request online.

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